“I made my first knife when I was 23 from a circular saw blade. It was a skinning knife and was used on my first bull moose. It was far from the best, but I was very proud of it…I was hooked!”

Being a former member of the Canadian Forces and an avid hunter, Pierre has cultivated an appreciation for a quality knife. Pierre’s work has been influenced by different makers, and has found his own style.

“As far as the knives go, the first one I did was to see if I could make something better than what I had been using,” he said. “I did some research, and asked a lot of questions, finally finding a person who is now a friend, and who also makes knives. “I got a piece of steel from him, and designed, constructed my first knife blade, after the heat treating process, attached a handle, made a sheath, and put it to use that fall.”

After making his first knife, word started to spread quickly amongst his co-workers. “I made maybe 15 in the first year. I had no idea the world of custom knives even existed,” he said. “As a hobby, this was OK, but I wanted more. I did a few pieces, and started to concentrate on custom designs.”

“I make hunting, fillet, skinning, pocket, tactical, large folders, high end gentlemen’s folders, all types of kitchen knives, western and Japanese knives. Recently, the last couple years specifically, I have been concentrating my efforts on kitchen knives, and refining profiles, and geometry in an effort to make the best tools I can for discriminating users.”

“I would be happy to talk with you and discuss your requirements, and build the knife you invision.”




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